Principle Number Five of Seven Principles of Successful Homeschool Parents

Christi Deason, Impact U

(This is the fifth part in the seven-part series, Seven Principles Successful Homeschool Parents Follow)

Embrace Homeschooling as a Lifestyle!

It’s hard to describe to people who don’t homeschool what it is like to live this lifestyle.  Most have some really humorous and sometimes scary ideas of what it’s like. I doubt they even realize that it is a way of living, not simply a part of living or a segment of our day.


Unfortunately, many homeschool parents view homeschooling as a segment of their lives and don’t grasp the idea that it is a lifestyle.  In fact, true homeschooling is better named “Lifeschooling” because all of life is learning and as long as we are living, we are learning….or should be!

So, while we discuss curriculum and activities, schedules, organization, and the like, we need to recognize that those things are just pieces or ingredients of a lifestyle.  If you try to compartmentalize your life into “school” and then add on the rest of your life, you are missing out on the peace and relaxation, indeed the freedom, that is lifeschooling!


Okay…new term:  Lifeschooling!   I really prefer this term over homeschooling because it better describes the lifestyle. When you learn to see learning as a lifestyle you begin to relax about checking off boxes, sticking tightly to astringent lesson plans, and totally let go of the idea of duplicating school at home; hallelujah!

Real life learning is what lifeschooling is about and it means not being dependent solely on curriculum and lesson plans to cover your child’s education. It means that you look for learning in all of life and you include your children in on it.  From simple things like everyday chores to more complex things like starting a business and learning about how to handle money and finances, children learn from having to do real things instead of having to answer hypothetical questions from a textbook.

This may sound more like unschooling, but lifeschooling is not unschooling.  I am not intending to disparage unschooling; I just want to be sure to make the distinction between the two. There is an important distinction for those who come from a Christian worldview.

In order to show that distinction, I am sharing a blog that my friend, Danielle Papageorgiou, wrote about lifeschooling in which she says, “The main difference undergirding the entire thing [lifeschooling] is that in Lifeschooling, God is at the center of education (not the philosophies of Jean-Jacques Rousseau,  Paul Goodman, and A. S. Neill, as is the case with unschooling).”


Read the entire piece to get a great explanation of what lifeschooling is!

Do you have any experience with lifeschooling?  Does your family look like a lifeschooling one? Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you!

It can be scary to let go and embrace a whole new way of living but you can if you join me next week and follow Principle Number Six!

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